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I am a Composer, Audio Engineer, and Sound Designer looking for passionate creators to help realize their vision!

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Salutations, I am Zephy!

  • I have a bachelors in music technology and 5+ years of composing experience.

  • I have Experience working on music and sound for Video Games, Podcasts, Animations, Short Films, Livestreamers and Vtubers.

  • In addition to music I also can help with sound design, mixing, and all your audio needs.

  • I am obsessed with the building of unique and interesting worlds and I really love working with passionate people.
    I look forward to helping you reach your music and sound goals!

  • I can provide a wide array of musical styles and flavors ranging anywhere from Orchestral, Ambient, Electronic, Jazz, Rock, World and much more.

  • Spooky, quirky, cute, epic, cyberpunk, funky, serene, ambient, gritty, ethereal. I am always looking to try new things!

  • I can provide background music/underscoring or theme music.

  • I can score your Kickstarter trailers or videos.

  • I can give you totally unique sound effects, menu scrawls, notification noises, achievement pings, ambiences, battle sounds etc.

  • I can interpret and be inspired by your assets, art, and story.

  • I can work with reference tracks if you have a specific sound or style in mind.

  • Pricing is always subject to change!

  • Price IS negotiable depending on the projects.

  • $75 Per Minute of completed normal music.

  • Additional factors may change the price such as: Rush jobs, complex music, recording of live instruments or vocalists
    (ask if interested!), sheet music or midi files, etc.

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  • You will receive high quality uncompressed audio files of the music to your specification.

  • I will Mix AND Master your audio free of charge.

  • Up to 3 revisions will be provided, however I am typically happy to do as many revisions as it takes in order to ensure you are happy.

  • Note Because my rates are so far below standard I will still retain the license to the music. You will have full permission to use them in your project, but if you want to sell a soundtrack we will have to negotiate a fair payment, for example, of royalties and if the project is never released I can still release the music on spotify, soundcloud, youtube, bandcamp etc. on my own. I do this to protect myself and prevent someone from reselling the music that I make at a profit. If this is confusing or
    a problem for you I am happy to discuss it with you. This has never been an issue for any of my clients, and should cause no trouble.


  • You must credit me somewhere on your project as the creator of the music. 

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  • Please email me at

  • Or DM me on Twitter @zephysonas

  • I will typically get back to you within 24 hours.

  • If it seems like I will be a good fit for your project we can move to discord or whatever messaging service is convenient.

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